CITO PC Maintenance
Has your PC stopped working? Does your PC crash and freeze? Can you hear any strange sounds coming from your PC?

PC-Repairs  -  Price dependant on problem
  • Has your PC stopped working?
  • Does your PC crash and freeze?
  • Can you hear any strange sounds coming from your PC? 
If your PC has stopped working or is acting funny we can find out what the cause of the problem is and offer you the best solution for your needs.

Many computer problems can be attributed to poor ventilation, causing the PC to overheat. These problems can be solved by increasing the circulation of air inside the PC.

If your Personal Computer constantly crashes then your PC's power supply may be about to fail. Power supply failure is the most dangerous type of failure that can happen within a PC. Not only is such a failure able to completely destroy all the hardware in the PC, it is also possible that the PC can catch on fire.

If your PC is making peculiar noises then the cause of these sounds should be checked. A PC has a number of mechanical parts inside, some of which are critical to your computers well being. Why gamble with the health of your Personal Computer as we can determine what is causing the noise?




PC-Check-Up  -  €50 (incl VAT) per check-up
  • Are you concerned about any aspect of your PC?
  • Has your PC gradually become slower?
  • Would you like to know if your PC is upgradeable? 
It makes sense to make sure that your Personal Computer is functioning at its peak performance. Waiting for a slow PC is no fun at all. We can help you get your PC working as fast and effective as possible. We can carry out a number of tests to determine where improvements can be made to improve your PC's productivity and performance. These include:

Checking that your PC has the minimum amount of RAM (memory) recommended by Microsoft. If your computer is low on RAM it will run slower than it should. The amount of RAM required is dependent on the software that is running on your PC. This is easily redeemable; adding additional RAM will offer you a better experience whilst using your computer.

Checking the stability of your computer. PC crashes are often associated with a faulty piece of hardware or a badly installed software component. It is usually just a matter of replacing the component or updating the software.

Checking that your PC has a sufficient amount of airflow. The climate here in Cyprus is very bad for PC's; the dust and moisture will contribute to blocking your PC's intake system. This means that their is a good chance that your PC could end up overheating, which is not good! A good clean inside the PC case will fix this problem.


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